Bullet Bonds Indices

Index Name
Daily Change
Yield to Maturity
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2028 AAA-AA iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA+
Israeli Gov USD Bullet-Bond 2030 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAAA
US Gov USD Bullet-Bond 2030 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAAA
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2024 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA+
Global $ Bullet-Bond 2026 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA
Global $ Bullet-Bond 2025 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2028 CPI-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2029 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA+
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2029 Non-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA+
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2029 CPI-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2030 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2030 Non-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2030 CPI-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2026 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2027 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2027 Non-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA+
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2027 CPI-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2027 Gov-A & up iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2027 Non-Linked AAA-A iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA+
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2027 CPI-Linked AAA-A iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2025 CPI-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2025 Non-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA+
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2025 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA-
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2026 CPI-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2026 Non-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA+
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2027 Gov-AA & up iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilAA+
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2028 iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA+
Israeli Bullet-Bond 2028 Non-Linked iNDEX0.00%0.000.00%0ilA+

As of 18/07/2024

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